About Sparkplug?

According to Brookings, Under the current model, half of sub-Saharan Africa’s total primary school population – 61 million children – will reach adolescence without the basic skills needed to lead successful and productive lives. We strongly feel Education is a key ingredient when it comes to empowerment and sustainability. Sparkplug is a social enterprise designed to fix education with software. We believe strongly in the notion of unsupervised learning, we feel easy access to the right content and the passion to learn completes the equation. The Sparkplug Curriculum is a set of publicly available, open source learning materials curated to teach you how to write code.

Step 1

Send Sparkplug your old laptop, we promise to wipe the data and get it to a student in Africa with a new Operating System (Linux – Ubuntu 16.04) and a complete Sparkplug Curriculum including Videos and Tutorials on Software Engineering

Step 2

Prospective students APPLY HERE stating why they want a laptop and how they will use software to solve an existing problem in their environment. We pick the best ideas and pass on the laptop from Step 1.

Step 3

We measure the progress of the students periodically to learn more about trends and how to make Sparkplug more effective. Sparkplug will make this data publicly available.